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Wealth Building

MoneyVedam equips you with sound financial knowledge and right tools so you could make smart investment decisions to grow your wealth in a systematic manner and secure your financial future!

Investment Management

Our diligent process helps you build customized portfolio(s) to attain your goals. We continually track & monitor the health of your investments, so you could focus on achieving your dreams worry-free!

Tax Saving

We thoroughly analyze every area of your personal finance to plug various money leaks. From re-deploying your tax-heavy FDs to saving interest outgo in Home Loans, we've got you fully covered!


Know Your Finances

Investment Review
Investment Review

i. Does your Mutual Fund give you adequate returns?
ii.Can you enhance your returns without increasing savings?

Retirement Check
Retirement Check

i. Could you afford to retire comfortably?
ii. For how much longer do you have to work?

Tax Review
Tax Review

i. Are you still paying taxes on interest from Bank FDs?
ii. NRIs: Do you know your India Tax obligations?

US based NRIs
US based NRIs

i. Is your 401k & IRA invested right to cover your retirement?
ii. Do you know how much you could save in taxes via Backdoor & Mega Roth?


Happy Clients

"Commitment, integrity and trust are key attributes when you look at any professional service on personal finance. Lalitha exemplifies these values putting her client's interest at the center. Armed with vast subject knowledge on all aspects of personal finance she truly makes wealth building an enjoying journey!"

Anand Pimprikar General Manager, Tata Communications, India

"Ms. Lalitha Jayabalan has been the financial consultant for me and my family for the past 3 years. My family was looking for someone with expertise in India and US/Europe. She helped us gain a clear view on the risks and returns of investments long term and short term. Lalitha is very meticulous in her work and is also able to explain in simple english the complexities of the financial sector. Thank you Lalitha for your services."

Dr. Karpagam Chelliah Data Scientist, Polis-net, Italy

"Lalitha has been my financial consultant and sounding board for over 3 years now. I have worked with multiple financial planners prior to Lalitha, but until now, never had the strong sense of comfort that she has my best interest and well being at heart. She is exceptionally knowledgable in US and India based investments, dependable, proactive and patient. Knowing she is there to cover us means we sleep soundly at night!"

Vijay Natarajan Director-Engineering, Prudential USA